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Releases and Bug Fixes (16)

Keep an eye on this thread for the latest release and bug fix information.

Notification options timeline? (2)
Ability for all members to add files? (4)
Main Image for An Event (1)
Forum post lock control and draft options? (1)
Tools to prioritize events on the group (5)
Sticky Forum Threads so They Stay At the Top (3)
Development Roadmap and Future Features (7)
Ability To Select Photo For Album Thumbnail (2)
Add-on features to help organize carpools (2)
Ban members from a group (2)
Event calendar? (6)
"My Groups" tab (4)
RSVP functionality (4)
Forum usernames (5)
Screen real estate (1)
Members add events? (5)
Do groups have timezones? (4)
Sock puppet button (2)
About the What’s in the Works category (1)