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Do groups have timezones?

Do groups and/or events have a timezone?

This is relevant for determining when an event moves from the ‘upcoming’ list to the ‘past’ list. I live in Australia which is many timezones ahead of the USA. If I schedule an event for 8:00am Saturday, will the event become ‘past’ at 8:00am my time, or 8:00am California time (which is probably sometime on Sunday morning my time)?

I looked at the group creation page but couldn’t see anything about time zones. There are fields for Country and Zip code, so I guess if your system is really clever it could work out my timezone from that. But it let me enter a non-existent Australian zip code, so I doubt it knows about time zones.

Hi Kevin,

Your time zone is used as the default for all of your events. So if you create an event for 8am your time in Australia, that’s exactly what your members will see.

We’ll make a note of that on the event creation page.

Thanks, that’s great to know.

I’m curious though, how does it know what my timezone is.

When you create a group it asks for your address. Additionally it pre-fills the city based on your IP address. You can alway change it later.