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Ability for all members to add files?


Members of my group are seeking to upload non-copyrighted educational resources under the file tab, but have reported that they are unable to do so. I’m wondering if it is possible to allow all members to upload files to a group? It seems to be that only Event Organizers can upload files, or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help on this :slight_smile:

Hi Bronwyn, only Organizers and Co-Organizers can upload files in “Files”. Everyone can add files to the events, however. You can temporarily make one of your members a co-organizer and that will allow them to upload files.

Thanks for getting back to me on this :slight_smile:

Ok that’s good to know. Now I’m wondering what a co-organizer is able to do and what their restrictions are… Is a guide to using the DTM website for organizers and members in the works? I’m finding it challenging trying to help my members understand how to use the DTM website. It would be really helpful to be able to point them to a guide.

Co-organizer has the same rights as the organizer, but they don’t own the account and they will have less rights when we add financial transactions. The How-To manual will be added as soon as we complete the development. While the site is in Beta we are adding functionality and help topics would have to be changed every time we make changes on the site. I hope that helps.