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Main Image for An Event

As a photography group event organizer, I’ve found that having an image associated with an event in the list of events promotes attendance. It would be helpful to have the ability to add a main image to the event (say, above or below the title), with the same smaller image associated with the event in the list of events (upcoming or past).

Your platform is very intuitive and well-thought-out! Love all the features!



I 2nd this. I mean we’ve taken everything else that worked for Meetup, but having a main image associated with each event is very helpful. Why has this never been responded to by the support team?

Thanks, David. Yes, the main image is on the list. A lot of organizers put the image first in the event description. It’s not the same, but close. We allow formatting event descriptions and add images. Thanks.

Thanks - yeah I spotted the ability to add an image inside the main description, thanks for that ability.