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When Will Notifications Be Added?

At the top right of every Meetup page is a Notifications link/drop down. As an organizer, when I have members RSVP for an event, I receive an email notifying me. What I would like to see added is a Notifications link like Meetup has.

This way, whenever I log into my DTM group, I can see a tiny graphic in that notifications link, then when I click on it, it shows me ANYTHING new that’s happened on the site since I last checked.

As of right now, when I get an email saying someone has RVSP’d for an event, and let’s say I have auto-waitlist activated, there’s no notification on my group’s homepage telling me as such.

So unless I click on the email I received I have no way of knowing.

This really needs to be added.

I really like what you guys have done so far, and with a few tweaks and polishes here and there, DTM could be the permanent Meetup replacement every Organizer is looking for.


Thanks, David.
We’ve added it to the development plan.

What would be simper than adding a whole new drop down into the top menu is implementing a badge notification system (exactly like you have for the Members tab when someone wants to join) but in the Events tab. That way when I come to the group main page, I can see that there have been new RSVPs to an event, a member has un-RSVP’d, or they commented on an event page (this is the biggest need for me). Way easier that way.

I’m moving from Meetup and had a little over 900 members and expect at least 50% of them to move over. We’re (both orgs and members) are going to need kind of notification system like this in place at some point.


Thanks for additional suggestions. Added to the feature description.

Guys, do we have a timeline for this? Being able to manage how and when we receive notifications is of the utmost importance in enabling communications between the group and our members.

Being able to individually turn on or off when all of us receive email is critical; as a group owner, my inbox is getting hammered, when what we all need is a site-based notification system and the option to turn off email notifications completely.

This is a fundamental need, not some fancy add-on request.

There are one or two other alternatives to DTM that provide the same functionality as here but with a far more layered notification system.

A timeline from the dev team when this will be implemented would be appreciated, I’m already looking at alternative platforms as the email and inbox explosions should be yesterday’s problem, and I won’t be signing up for anything remotely paid related at DTM until a fully working notification system has been implemented.

I know it’s the holidays, guys, but four days with not even a “we’ll get back to you after Santa’ been!”?

Doesn’t really instill any confidence in continuing down this path for me long term.

While DTM might look pretty and have some of the missing functionality of Meetup (and others), a lack of notification management is a critical missing piece.

I hope to hear from someone on this topic.


We are planning to add web notifications in March. Thanks.