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Members add events?

One major thing that Meetup took away is the ability for all of our members (not just organizers) to add events. It’s become a big pain to leave the adding of events up to a few people, and our activity level has been affected big time. Is this something that is in the works??

Thank you for your comment - we’ve added this to our development plans.

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Can we make it possible for each group to be able to opt out of that? As a hiking group, I don’t want that option, for fear that any liability could fall back on me if it was an event on my page.
I realize once the option is implemented, it will probably be up to me to approve them, but none would get approved. I’d rather members just had the impression that some groups have that option, and some don’t.

I do agree, it should be a group setting option :slight_smile:

Ditto – it’s important for some groups, and equally important for other groups that it does not exist.