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Tools to prioritize events on the group

For groups that schedule many events, each with a limited number of participants, it would be great to have some tools to prioritize the events you want to show up on the group. Mainly by adding an “Important” tag that would make the event sticky at the top of the group’s homepage, and a “Full” tag that would make it clear to members that there are no available places left.

Thanks for your suggestions. We are planning to have the option to have featured events (pin event) soon. The “Event Full” tag has been added to the development plan.

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We have the Event Full tag done.

How do we access this? I tried to edit my events but wasn’t able to mark them as full.

This happens automatically when you reach the attendee limit. You can also force it at any time: Just set the attendee limit equal to the current number of RSVP’s.