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Development Roadmap and Future Features

We’ve built a sophisticated event scheduling engine designed with unlimited scalability in mind. While the front end looks minimalistic, the background processes are extremely complex in order able to host unlimited groups with unlimited members. DownToMeet has officially launched its Beta. The core functionality is complete and working well. You can already use the site to create groups, host and customize events, sign up new members, announce events and invite attendees via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

We’re hard at work bringing you more features and want to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming next. While we have a long-term development plan, this list identifies the priorities for the next month or two. If there are features that you think should be developed sooner, please let us know by posting them here. That will help us prioritize, when possible. Remember, this community is built around the organizers, so your feedback is taken very seriously.

Upcoming Features:

  • Automatic email reminders (this can be done semi-automatically for now by re-sending an announcement multiple times by clicking the Announce button)
  • Simple messaging
  • Add co-organizers
  • Event Editor: drag & drop photos. You can already add photos via URL links
  • Save event drafts
  • Map: Drag and drop a location pin
  • Show and search recent locations
  • Automatic waitlist
  • Add sponsors
  • Group membership approval
  • User blocking
  • Group page customization: background image, main colors, etc.
  • Multiple payment processing options

We’ll update this thread with the next batch of features from our roadmap once these have been deployed.

Thank you very much for joining the DownToMeet community.

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It’s great that you are so upfront about the features that you are planning to add.

Whilst you have come a long way it’s clear that there is still much to be done, but it is re-assuring that you seem to be actually listening to suggestions (unlike… you know who).

I have started a kayaking group which is by definition outdoors, and so my biggest interest is fully working drag and drop map pin locations.

I understand that different groups have different requirements and maybe other groups have different needs, but this (maps pins) is what matters most to me.

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The drop map pin functionality is planned for the end of this month.

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Is this referring to payment options for the members attending a paid event? If yes, what options and integrations are in the works?

Yes, it’s for the members attending paid events. We’ll be adding multiple payment methods, including traditional credit card processing and PayPal.

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I couldn’t find this functionality. Has it been added or is it still in the works? Thanks and regards.

I really need this added in as well.

What’s the timeline from the dev team on this?

Can us organizers get access to development planning/release timetables?

Waiting around with no real certainty is frustrating - almost driving me to go back to Meetup.

Outside the fact that COVID is disrupting everything right now, the lack of developer communication and interaction is abysmal. I’ll likely be heading back to Meetup and taking my group back there, especially considering they just broke off from WeWork.

If you haven’t already, you may want to check out Groups Place. It’s up & running with many features. And, the developer is very responsive to new feature requests. https://groups.place/features