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How to move your meetup group from other platforms to DownToMeet

If you’re looking for alternatives to other platforms, make it a smooth transition for your members and save some money

If you want to switch to a new platform to better manage your groups and events, you may be wondering how to painlessly move your old group members.

Although the process is still not 100% where we envision it to be, our DownToMeet team has been working hard to make the transition over to your DownToMeet group easy on you and your group members.

We understand that you are paying an organizer’s fee on other sites, so DownToMeet won’t charge you the full amount until you complete the move, up to 6 months. However, make sure you check the DownToMeet pricing page – there are some incredible deals for organizers who start actively using DownToMeet now.

You can also use your savings from DownToMeet to boost your events on Facebook and grow your group!

Here’s how to make the move:

  1. Create a group by following this link: https://downtomeet.com/new
  2. Organize and customize your first event.
  3. Send invites to your event through your current platforms.
  4. Delete the old group when your members move to DownToMeet.

It’s a good idea to take it slow: as you create events, post on multiple sites for a month or two, indicating that the group is moving over completely to DownToMeet. Let your members know that you are exclusively using your DownToMeet group to collect RSVPs.

Just copy the link to your event and share it anywhere. Invitees can join via computer or smartphone. No app required!

You may lose some members from your old platforms, but you know that 95% of those were inactive users anyways. The regulars will appreciate the new, easy-to-use platform.

Finally, make sure to read about how to remove users from your old group before stepping down, so another organizer can’t step in and take over your group:
Is it possible to simply DELETE my meetup group (don't want to "step down")?


We provide all the tools needed to launch, maintain, and grow your group. If you have questions, check the discussions in the forums or for specific technical questions, email support@downtomeet.com.

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Is there a way of integration or import from other sites?
It was very easy to create a new group, but manually coping all the info, calendar, photos, etc. will take forever…
In my case I need to migrate from Shutterfly. I’m sure many will wonder about MeetUp and other sites as well.