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Descriptions of meetups on a group's page

While you can format the description for each event, it seems that in the emails sent to members and on the group’s page none of that formatting is kept. More than that, the whole text looks garbled, as there are no spaces introduced instead of new paragraphs. This is an example from one of my events:

“Do you want to get up to speed with working in a professional photographic studio?Even after shooting lots of times in different studios, some of you might lack the confidence of setting up all the typical equipment yourselves. This workshop will enable you to gain all the knowledge and skills necessary to walk in any photo studio and be up and running in no time.The workshop will be based on a hand-on approach and will focus on:- setting up the lights;- using different light modifiers, from reflectors and beauty dishes to umbrellas and soft boxes;- differences between a tripod stand and a C-stand;- setting up a paper background;- different ways to trigger the lights;- using …”

I think that as a minimum the website should introduce spaces for each new paragraph in the original description. It would be even better to also keep the original formatting (paragraphs, italics, bold). And the perfect solution might be to allow organisers to actually edit an excerpt for each event, excerpt that would be used on the group’s main page and in the emails.

Thanks for your post. This problem has been addressed and the new format will be released on Monday.

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The issue has been resolved.

I’m having issue with this in the Discussions - paragraph breaks vanish. In my descriptions of events I tried a bulleted list and it removed the bullets.

The issue has been resolved.

The event descriptions look exactly the same as before for me :frowning: